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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Unraveling of Tied Souls: SOUL TIES V: PREORDER NOW!

The Unraveling of Tied Souls: Soul Ties V

For four months, Deniesha was pouring her all into her relationship with Antoine but she knew whether he knew it or not that beyond the physical attraction and time spent, there was nothing else going on for her. Because she had no other plans at the time, she continued but she received information that changed everything. One thing she was not willing to tolerate at this time in her life was deception.
Fletcher and Rasheda were seeing each other exclusively but Rasheda was starting to feel Fletcher saw her as a good friend with benefits. She was aware the relationship starting on those terms was her idea but now she felt different. She wanted more or she had to go.
Donna was bursting at the seams with pregnancy and her relationship with Ty but at eight months pregnant she was no closer to making a decision about marrying than she ever was. If asked she would have been unable to articulate why other than she was forty-three and independent and what she had learned about marriages including her parents made her very wary.
Debra was headed home. Her parents, Nelson and Helen had reached out to her to inform her they were both retiring and she would receive thirty percent of the funeral home and would be the sole director, Donna would receive thirty percent also but could sell more to Debra if she chose and Nelson and Helen would maintain fifteen percent, respectively. Rena and her children would have ten percent to share with no voting authority.  Initially she felt like saying no, but in her heart of hearts, she knew she wanted to run Holloman’s more than she ever wanted anything. There was one stipulation she had to swallow with a big spoon of sugar and that was under no circumstances could she fire Deniesha, especially since she owned two and a half percent of the company.
Things were sure to get interesting in Mobile, Montgomery and Jacksonville.

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