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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Then he adds, “I will remember their sins and their lawless deeds no more.”

Stop looking at me like that, sisters!

I know you are saying it is one thing to forgive, but I am not Jesus and I cannot forget, I just can’t.”

I hear you!

That was one of my hardest lessons ever! If you don’t believe me ask my husband. I would forgive but I never forgot and in the heat of the next ‘discussion’ my very clear memory would present itself, with dates times and what we were wearing.

When my husband would say, “You are always bringing up old stuff.” I would roll my eyes and say, “I sure am and you don’t want to hear the truth, shame on you!”

Sisters! I know you are feeling me there. It took me years to stop doing that with him and my sons. I was good at not doing it with others but the three of them, they heard it, sho did.

Do you know what that meant?

It meant I had not truly forgiven but had banked it until they made me mad again, so I could tell them in full detail how wrong they were! Until, I learned to literally pray and ask God to remove that from my tongue and heart it continued. To this day when something occurs that is tied to some old mess, I have to stop in mid-sentence and ask God for strength not to go back there and drag up old mess.

Memories are rarely washed away but how we deal with them speaks to our walk with God and the closer and stronger our walk, the easier it becomes to leave those forgiven transgressions against us where they are buried. Sometimes, it is as simple as remembering we do not want to constantly hear about our sins against others, so why do we think they want to hear that from us. Amen and thank you Jesus!


Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.
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  1. Thank you Sistah for that WORD! I would forgive but would not/could not forget. But unlike you, God must give me "shut mouth Grace" because I never brought it up again but in my not forgetting, it lingered in my spirit...filling me with distrust...hurting. That is not good. That is not smart and not at all, like Jesus!

    So I am going to chew on your words today asking God to remove those remembering from my heart...because anyone worth loving is surely worth forgiving. And I have a need to trust those that I love....

  2. Don't know why it posted as unknown. LOL


  3. I knew it was you. Glad I could help! Love you.