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Angelia Vernon Menchan is an avid serial writer. Her goal is to engage readers in ongoing stories filled with people like them, who they can grow to know. Some will inspire love and devotion, others rage and ridicule, perhaps. They will all inspire feelings and generate conversation!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


For the past two months Felinas face had been the face of SM Beauty. It was elevated to billboards throughout the state and that very day was becoming national. She was still unsure how she felt about being so exposed but Scott and Arabella loved it. She was taking it in stride.

Scott flew to New York to talk with marketers there for his ad campaign. He was thrilled with what was occurring since Felina became the face of his product. It had been unprecedented. Walking in the Madison Avenue office he was thrilled to see one of the ads in the lobby. He was met by Ferrell Jenner.

Welcome to Full Culture Marketing, Mr. Marshall.

Thanks for having me. Ferrell led him to the elevator and they were taken to the top floor where Ferrell worked. He was known as a marketing genius and was world renown. After they were seated he got right to the heart of the meeting.

Your ad is doing splendidly. Your natural model has far outdone expectations.

Whose expectations Mr. Jenner? I knew how well she would do, the moment I saw her.

I assure you that normally a more diverse face is used in these kinds of campaigns. In fact I spoke with your marketing person about having a different face perhaps for the national campaign but she said you were adamant. Scotts eyes went cold and still at his remarks.

I am adamant. Until I change my mind, Felina Felix is my face.

Even internationally? I know every season has its one go to dark face such as the actress Lupita, currently but we need a more diverse…”

Cut to the chase, Mr. Jenner, you want a light skinned face. That is not going to occur. Felina Felix is the face of SM Beauty. Maybe, I need a new agency. Ferrell flushed at his words.

There is no need for haste. Those were mere suggestions. He quickly shuffled papers that Scott knew were probably photos of more acceptable women. It is your money, after all.



Asia Underwood was stunned to see Scott Marshall on television talking about SM Beauty. When they were together and engaged, he was talking about that arm of his business at the time. Then it was a dream. Scott had always been one to go after his dreams. He was good to her but she wanted acceptability and acceptability meant not marrying a white guy. Scott told her when she broke with him that it was good to know how weak their love was. When Scott spoke to the reporter of his model, Felina Felix Asia knew there was more going on than her simply being a model.
After years of marriage to Rodney Steele she could only wonder what her life would have been like with Scott. Rodney gave her and bought her anything her heart desired but basketball and all its trimmings was his life and Asia was incidental. At first she didnt care, Rodney opened fitness centers, he allowed her to run and he did his own thing. Soon, the excitement of the centers wore off and she found she was a woman with money and a marriage and not much else. Most nights she was alone in her palatial home and Rodney was off playing or somewhere other than home. They had one son, Rodney Jr. aged five but that wasnt enough to keep her interested or busy. She wanted more. They had been traded to Miami which was only a drive from Jacksonville, perhaps she could take a drive and see what Scott was really up to these days.


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