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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Coming Soon!! THE TESTED: SCHAE and JAY: Cinnamon Black Books 15

Edward smiled when Schae strolled into his salon. For years she had worn yards of weave colored bright auburn. A few months ago she had taken out the weave and had soft curls in a darker color. She was dressed in her usual pink clothing. Her closet had to be filled with pink and crème. Today it was a knit shift slightly above the knees and crème shoes. Her skin glowed and her nails and toes were a creamy pink.

“Mami, you look glorious.” Edward simpered. Winking at him, she took her place in his chair.

“Thanks, I want it cut all the way down.” Jumping back as if shocked, Edward spun her chair around.

“What do you mean, all the way down?”

“I mean like Aura Brown’s hair. As short as it can be cut with very little hair left on my head.”

“Boo boo, that ain’t for everyone.  You have a pretty head and face but that butch look is not for you.” Her eyes held his.

“You can cut it or I can go to Fred’s barbershop.” Rolling his eyes he took his position behind her, draped her with the coverall and prepared to snip. “Stop snipping Ed and cut.”

He sucked his teeth but did as she commanded. When he was done, she opened her eyes. She was very pleased with what she saw. Her face was on full display, freckles and all and her eyes looked bigger and all knowing. She glanced at Edward who was still in a snit but she could tell he liked it.

“You like it don’t you? Go on and admit it.”

“It’s all right. It’s a good thing you have a pretty head and face.” He conceded. Before she could respond Cinnamon Black stepped in the shop. Seeing Schae and her new do, she clapped her hands and a huge smile covered her face.

“Look at you Schae, your gorgeous face is on full display.” Schae grinned back as she spun around in her chair. Edward looked to Cinnamon.

“I sure hope you aren’t in here to get your head shaved Ms. Cinnamon, my heart can take only so much.” Cinnamon giggled at his outraged words.

“Not yet, but I know I could rock that look for real. But I want a rinse and my usual three inch curls will do. They are about five inches now.” Schae got out of the chair and embraced her friend.

“Are you busy?”

“No, after Ed is done with me, I was thinking of going to get fish at Fish and Things.”

“Can I join you in a couple hours? I’m going to see mama for a minute or two.”

“I would love that. See you then.”


Geraldine Jackson felt good to be alive. Her cancer was in remission and her hair had grown in soft and wavy. Schae had teased her about caring more about her hair than having cancer. She was simply grateful to God to have made it one  year past stage three and to be in remission but something was on her heart. Throughout the past year, she had only heard from her daughter Janelle on the phone. She hadn’t visited her in the hospital or come home while she was recovering. Janelle’s son, Jabar was playing professional basketball but had found his way home several times to check on his grandmother. He also hadn’t seen his mother. Geraldine knew that now she was well for however long decided, she was going to show up and see her daughter. She sure was.

Geraldine gasped when Schae strode in the room.

“Lord, child, what in the world have you done with your hair?” Schae kissed her mom before answering. As usual Geraldine was decked out in a pantsuit with red nails and her face was perfectly made up.

“I cut it off. This is something I always liked but never had the nerve to do. For years I had more hair than Tammy Faye Baker. Now at my age I am doing what Schae wants.” Geraldine’s brow rose at her daughter’s words.

“Well, then. What does your husband think?” Schae shrugged.

“He hasn’t seen it but he will think what he chooses. I loved Jay’s mustache and he decided because it had a few greys in it to shave it off.”

“Oh tit for tat…”

“Mama, no. It isn’t even that deep.”

“Are you hungry?”

“I have a lunch date with Cinnamon in a while. What are you up to?”

“I am going to make some reservations and fly to Fort Lauderdale.”

“Have you heard from Janelle?”

“No but I’m gonna drive by on her. Jabar hasn’t seen her either. Now that he is playing for Atlanta he can’t go by there but I am free as a bird and I’m going to see what is going on, sho am.”

“Let’s drive down there. It’s only about four hours.”


“We can go in the morning. The boys are in school and Jay can pick them up a day or two. I want to know what she’s up to as well.”

“Talk to your husband and let me know.” Geraldine’s eyes pierced Schae’s. “Is your marriage okay?”

“It is marriage and I will let Jay know. Now let’s talk about something else.”

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