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Thursday, January 26, 2017

She Blogged...nostalgia.

I was once an avid blogger. From 2006 until late 2010, I blogged most days. It was first after prayer, shower and with coffee, often 5 am. Today I received a card in the mail from Idrissa Uqdah, a long time supporter and sister friend. The gist was that I hadn't emailed her in a long time and she missed me... that gave me pause and made me think. Have I become so caught up in social media, I'm forgetting those who read my blog and books in print? There were no Ebooks or Facebook really and though I didn't sell as many books... those were great days and the support was amazing. For about 20 dollars you could advertise on many sites and there was real support and books bought. We chatted and had interviews, book discussions and good old fun. I would be lying to say there was no drama but it was more lowkey and yahoo group moderators kicked you out.

There was RAWSISTAZ, BlackExpressions and others who were lit savvy and so, so supportive. No one was getting rich but we were all making money and having a good time...

My stock photo from 2009.

What had happened was...


  1. I love your blogs.. I learned so much <3

  2. Those were the days and I truly miss them. Those groups gave us a chance to truly get to know each other. Some of those friendships I still maintain today. Angelia I think this was a great wake up call for you. Why not blog once a week or more if you have time? This was never in my wheelhouse. I can't even post on Facebook everyday. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Thanks Tina. I plan to. A huge wake up call.